A fabulous way to share films with everyone...We’re not even halfway through the day and they’re so wonderful and inspiring                                 - Valarie, J. Amado, AZ “..Never would I have thought when I arrived in Arivaca that I would be attending something like this!  I am so impressed and grateful for the community here and being exposed to so many amazing films.                                               - Tonia, CA
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  Think of the Arivaca Film Exhibition as a visual media ‘gallery’ of hand-picked independent films of exceptional quality and presentation - created by filmmakers here in the southwest - reflecting the happenings of people, places and things for us to collectively experience.  Friday Evening – Local Films  (March 1 st 6:30-9:00pm):  Our Friday evening program focuses on ‘local’ films and filmmakers, both in  Arivaca and surrounding communities in order to screen films depicting events, history, local flavour, personal experiences, nature and experimental digital film.  Filmmakers will have the time to discuss their presented work.  The program is open to suggestion and will evolve up- until the day of the event itself (see Friday Night’s web-page under the “Films” tab at top of page) . Saturday Afternoon Documentaries  (March 2 nd , 12 Noon - 6:00pm):  Our afternoon program is designed to present independent works that represent the filmmaker’s perception of the world around them.  These documentaries examine people and places amidst political, environmental, cultural and economic challenges to preserving authentic ways of life.  These films are chosen to provide the viewer an experience various realities that others experience both here in Arizona, the Southwest U.S. and around the world. Intermission & Pot-Luck Dinner  (March 2 nd , 5:00pm): The heart of our event is the pot-luck dinner which is a fun opportunity for socializing and relaxing on the picnic tables outside in the cool March air between the afternoon and evening programs.  If you’re traveling to attend or don’t have time to prepare something for the pot-luck – don’t worry, we’ll have extra food!  Note: The Community Center has a full commercial kitchen with refrigeration if needed. Saturday Evening Short Films  The evening program showcases cutting-edge experimental filmmakers creating independently and working under the radar.  These selected shorts are from movie-makers who create unique works without cultural scrutiny or expectation; resulting in new forms of visual artistic expression through the medium of digital film. ATTENTION ATTENDEES: For accommodations, dining, sightseeing, artist's co-op and other attractions, visit our community web-portal at VISIT ARIVACA or ARIVACA.NET or click on the “LODGING” tab of this website. I hope you enjoy perusing this website and learning about the event and selected films.  Feel free to send comments, questions and suggestions.  Looking forward to seeing you on March 1 st  & 2 nd ! Cheers! Bart Santello Arivaca Resident, Digital Filmmaker & Arivaca Film Exhibition Organizer  
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