Arivaca, Arizona USA 85601
Arivaca has a past steeped in the history of Mexico and the American Southwest.  With one eye looking toward the past and the other eye looking into the future, our community moves forward with experience and knowledge from living life in the Northern Sonoran Desert.
Arivaca, Arizona is an unincorporated rural community of people that represent many different walks of life, yet share a common bond of rugged-individualism and self-determination.  Friendly artists, ranchers, educators, naturalists, organic farmers, prospectors, mechanics, natural builders and off-grid enthusiasts represent the town’s make-up. The free- thinking and inquisitive nature of Arivacans, makes this community an ideal location to showcase creative films from local filmmakers and special works from independents around the world.  Until the Gadsden Purchase, signed in 1853, Arivaca was part of Mexico.  Located South of Tucson, Arivaca's rural location is surrounded by the Las Guijas Mountains, Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and the Coronado National Forest that separates the town from the Mexican border.       Arivaca’s strategic location make it the epicenter of trends shaping America. Immigration, drug smuggling, human rights, government surveillance & militarization, threatened rural life, water rights, native peoples, wilderness and rare      species, make Arivaca the ideal location to showcase documentary films.  Films that address these issues applicable to our region and relevant to the lives of people trying to preserve an authentic way of life.  At the same time, in the context of politics of the United States and our common humanity with the rest of the world.
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Arivaca Cienega - Photo by Bart Santello
Hanging-out: Peter, Ari & Mary ARIVACA Source:
Ellen, Bill & Jennie- Photo by Bart Santello
The name Arivaca was derived from the Pima Indian word ‘Aribac’ which is believed to translate to ‘little springs’
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Arivaca: Live & Let Live Arivaca: Live & Let Live
by Perla Trevizo - 2016
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Photo by Bart Santello using a Vintage Rexatar 135mm f2.8 SLR lens on Samsung NX1 Camera                Hanging at the Saturday morning farmer’s market on Main Street Arivaca: Larry, Ari, Jay & Kyle