Take a fascinating journey up the Amazon River with Judge Sueli Pini  and her justice boat bringing critical government services to people who live in remote villages where there are no roads. The steam boat houses a court with public prosecutor, bailiffs and public defenders, a team of  doctors with a dentist, a doctor, nurses, and a passport office with civil  servants and ID card forms. “These people were simply ignored and                                                   forgotten by the Brazilian state for many                                                   years,’’ judge Sueli Pini explains.  So far                                                   she has been able to prevail and thus make                                                  her contribution to protecting the                                                   inhabitants of the rainforest.
Afternoon Documentary Program Saturday March 2, 2013
WE WIN OR WE DIE is the story of an ordinary Libyan in February 2011 who understands that there is but one way to stop the bloodshed. One way to gain freedom. The sprawling fortress - the Fist of Gaddafi - the Katiba, must fall.
We Win Or We Die
“Millan’s brief but informative documentary provides much needed insight into an event that was skimmed over by the majority of the media.” - Cody Kirkland, SLUG Magazine
12:00PM (21-Minutes) Director: Matthew Millan - 180 Films
www.wewinorwedie.com 2 2 The Justice Boat
12:30PM (52-Minutes) Director: Arne Birkenstock - filmquadrat GmbH
Movie Trailer Movie Trailer
Oil is the biggest industry on earth and every major oil company is in the tar sands – BP, Shell, Total, Statoil, Exxon, Chevron, and China’s Sinopec. But making oil from the thick bitumen soaked into Canada’s sands comes at an outsized cost. Scientists are warning of cancer-causing toxins entering rivers, record volumes of greenhouse gases pouring into the atmosphere, and a pristine Boreal ecosystem now dotted with poisonous wastewater lakes. In an oil-scarce world, we know there are sacrifices to be made in the pursuit of energy. What no one expected was that a tiny Native community living down the river from Canada’s tar sands would reach out to the world for help, and be heard.
Truth On The Line is a project that mixes documentary and narrative, by putting video-journalism in a fictional wrapper. It tells the stories of a varied group of fictional characters who produce media and live their lives in the US/Mexico borderlands, interacting with real-life events, places, and situations. The web mini-series version of the project launched in October 2012.
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1:45 PM (90-Minutes) Written and Directed by Tom Radford & Niobe Thompson
Website & Movie Trailer Point of Entry 4 4
3:45 PM (30-Minutes) Directed by Zeus Quijano Jr.
“Point of Entry is the story of the lives of a family split apart by the economic necessity to emigrate in search of work. By leaving the politics out completely, this short film is able to tell a story, not justify or argue a perspective. The result, for my money, is more effective than a sententious approach. The film is full of raw emotions and moments of intimate family interactions. You’ve heard this story before, and yet the family’s struggles are made their own through simple and often tragic interviews that would spur empathy from a stone....” - Jesse Hawlish, Slamdance Film Festival
An Intimate Look at Modern Immigration Truth on the Line 5 5 Contains  Arivaca  Scene ! Intermission Intermission Intermission Intermission POT LUCK DINNER 5pm to 6:30pm Evening Shorts Begin at 6:30 pm!
Steev Hise is an artist, filmmaker, and activist, based in Tucson, Arizona. He has been been doing a mix of artistic and political audio/video work since 1992 and media activism since 2000. He did graduate study in new media and electronic art at California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Morton Subnotick and Dick Hebdige. Steev has made several films on a variety of social justice and environmental topics. In 2004-2005 he produced and directed On The Edge, a feature-length documentary about the femicide in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City, Mexico. Since that project his work has been primarily focused on the topic of the border and immigration. Currently he is in post-production on a pilot for a web/tv series called Truth On The Line.
4:20 PM (23-Minutes) Written & Directed by Steev Hise (Tucson) Production: Pan Left Productions & Liminal Communications
Website & Movie Trailer An Intimate Look at Modern Immigration