"The Unholy Tarahumara" is a non-traditional film  about people losing their traditions. In Mexico's vast  Copper Canyon live the Tarahumara Indians. Ferguson  films the life of two families, one that wants to maintain  traditions, one that moves toward the dangling carrot  of modern life. This is an unusually intimate film of  Tarahumara life using mixed footage of the  Tarahumara's stark, literal world and voices of a  Storyteller, chorus of Gossip, and past mythological  figures. It includes rare portraits of funny, talkative  Tarahumara women and their private  Sierra lives, never before filmed.
Afternoon Documentary Program Saturday March 8, 2014
Se Habla Español is a contemporary film poem. Angelica (Jessica Montalvo) becomes a powerful connection between Anglo and Hispanic cultures, as she moves through a day in her life. Filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona and the Mission San Xavier del Bac.
Se Habla Espanol
12:000-Noon (19-Minutes) Director: Howard Allen - Coyote Moon Films
2 2 The Unholy Tarahumara
12:40PM (57-Minutes) Director: Kathryn Ferguson
Movie Trailer Movie Trailer
Llama Walks is a personal documentary for this filmmaker. The filmtraces four generations of women that make up her family. Makino’s journey, undertaken to come to terms with her Swiss mother’s failing health, results in a loving and graceful family portrait. In this film, she reveals intimate moments shared by mothers and daughters playing-out the cycle of life. In this most personal of documentaries, Makino strikes into a vein that everyone must eventually must come to terms: The painful reality of losing one’s mother.
GURU On stage in front of hundreds of people, he is known as Piston Pumping Peter Scott; an entertaining and charismatic motivational speaker, fire-walking instructor, hypnother- apist, and former competitive body- builder. In his isolated domestic life however, he has long struggled with cronic sadness, anxiety and obsessive compulsion. These two very different sides and the ways they collide form the subject of this unique character study of a man, his long battle with manic depression, and his inventive ways of coping with it.
Director’s Interview on YouTube Director’s Interview on YouTube
Yuri Makino is a Tucson resident and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, where she teaches film production and screenwriting; and is also the Associate Director of the Film & TV program. Ms. Makino received her BA at the UC Santa Barbara; and a MFA at New York University.
The Ostrich Testimonies 6 6
3:45 PM (74-Minutes) Written & Directed by Jonathan VanBallenberghe
Filmmaker’s Website Filmmaker’s Website
The Ostrich Testimonies is the story of a man with a dream. "D.C. 'Rooster' Cogburn" saw value in Ostrich ranching from the animal's tasty lean meat. Cogburn and his wife operate their Ostrich Ranch near Tucson, Arizona selling meat, eggs and other Ostrich products. Cogburn's future looked bright after signing a large dollar contract to supply the birds to a South American enterprise. However, in a freak accident, a group of hot air balloons spooked 1,600 of the birds into a frenzy that sent them running, trampling, and crashing into fences. The result was a economic and legal disaster for the Cogburns. Filmmaker Jonathan VanBallenberghe's documentary explores this fascinating true story.
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3:00 PM (23-Minutes)
Ostrich Film Trailer Ostrich Film Trailer Film Website Film Website
Juliana Piccillo’s work has screened at The Tribeca Film Festival and The Los Angeles International Short FilmFestival, Women in the Director’s Chair, the Chicago Film Festival, the Arizona International Film Festival, and colleges, and women’s centers around the world. She has an MFA in creative writing.
1 1 Llama Walks 3 3
2:00 PM (25-Min) Directed by Yuri Makino
Website & Movie Trailer I Was a Teenage Prostitute 4 4
2:30 PM (22-Minutes) Directed by Juliana Piccillo
“I Was a Teenage Prostitute - Coming of age in a Massage Parlor” is the true story of a 17 year old Catholic high school junior who accidently finds a job in a massage parlor. In Levittown, Pennsylvania, an idyllic planned community, the filmmaker describes how working as an underage prostitute, she finds her voice, identity, and family. Now, a mother of two children, leading a most conventional life, she champions a woman’s right to use sex for art, work, love and power.
5 5 Intermission Intermission Intermission Intermission POT LUCK DINNER 5pm to 6:30pm Evening Shorts Begin at 6:30 pm!
Written & Directed by Jonathan VanBallenberghe
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VanBallenberghe's documentaries include HEAR ME, SEE ME (2014), LAPSE: Confessions of a Slot Machine Junkie (2013 Tribeca premiere), GURU (2011 Tribeca premiere and Special Jury Award), IN THE COMPANY OF MOOSE (2009, InFlight Entertainment and PBS), and THE OSTRICH TESTIMONIES (2008 SXSW premiere, "Best of Arizona" at the Arizona International Film Festival).. Recently he completed RIVER OF BEARS, a full-dome planetarium show about brown bears for the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Jonathan and his wife Sharon Wahl own and operate Open Lens Productions out of Tucson, Arizona.