TRAILER TRAILER The Worst Best Man 3 3

7:30 PM (5-Minutes, Comedy)

Director: Kenny Colt, Phoenix

Evening Program Independent Short Films
Saturday March 8nd 2014 at 6:30pm
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7:00 PM (20-Minutes, Web Series Pilot)

Creators: Eric Schumacher & Robert Linden

6:30 PM (5-Minutes, Experimental) Telemental Pictures - Phoenix
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Filmstock Film Festival held a competition in December 2013 in which participants had 48 hours to write, film, edit and submit a 5-min movie shot entirely on cell phone cameras. Several members of Synthetic Human accepted the challenge under the moniker "Telemental Pictures." Our film entitled There You Are, a music video/short film hybrid, won two Filmstock awards, including "Best use of a phone as a camera" and "Best Film of iFest."
Best Film of iFest Filmstock Film Festival 2013
A man claiming to be an ancient extraterrestrial turns himself in to the US secret service for interrogation. Insisting that he will only be interviewed by Amanda Bella, a beautiful tv talk show host, he tells his version of Earth's history. He seems to have amazing powers and clearly knows more than he's letting on, but is he truly an extra-terrestrial and if so why turn himself in to the federal government and why this particular branch? What does he want with Amanda Bella? Who or what is Zhon?
Filmed in Tucson
Kevin is about to get married in four hours and But finds his best man (his future brother- In-law) outside the house of a one-night-stand. The plot thickens when you learn the girl’s boyfriend had returned home and the ring for the wedding is in the pants inside the house. How will they now get the ring in time for the wedding?
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7:45 PM (7-Minutes, Comedy)

Director: Bobby Shook, Phoenix

Written by: James A Lee

Dan Triumphant is the story of Dan, an insecure 11-year-old, who must face his greatest fears when the bullied children of a playground turn to him as their last hope for liberty and monkey bars for all.

8:15 PM (25-Minutes, Comedy)

Director: Ivan Malekin, Australia

El Western was a film Karl (co-writer and co-producer) talked about for a long time, a script we had on the go for two years, sitting not forgotten but brewing in the background while we worked on other projects. Finally the time came to bring the story to life so we gathered the most amazing cast and crew and drove up to Kattemingga, an old television set in western Victoria, for a wonderful few days of filming this Wild West adventure. And if that sounds simpler than it actually is, well, it's because I truly believe that all you need is imagination and determination and you can do anything.
Produced & Directed & Written by Ivan Malekin Produced & Written by Karl Beck Produced by Ante Malekin Cinematography by Eddie Beyrouthy Edited by Scott Edwards Colour Grade by Vincent Taylor Sound Design by Mark Edwards Music by Anastasia Devana
Director’s Statement
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El Bandito is the meanest Mexican in the Wild West, and he has the town of Rosebud in a right fright. Only the mysterious Sheriff Dan dares stand against the outlaw. But something is amiss. Dan smells ... nice. Bandito is kind of ... handsome. Could this be love?
Gabriel - the reserved, loving, single father of seven-year-old Katie - is trapped by strained finances and his own stringent need for control, allowing his rigid budgeting to consume his life. Repeatedly frustrated by an old wooden fence that seems determined to do him harm, he destroys it in an uncharacteristic fit of rage. By destroying the fence, he has allowed the outside world in and the first intruder begins to menace his home and family. Without the fence, Gabriel’s illusions of control and being able to protect his family are quickly shattered. Gabriel’s deeply internalized primal instincts take over, rushing him toward confrontation.
Synthetic Human Pictures™: A collective of creative professionals who are passionate about telling stories on film. While every story is different, our films are united by our goals. Consistent high production values, imaginative camera work and editing, and strong creative ideas have become hallmarks of our films. Our creative approach involves collaboration, respect, tenacity, and commitment. While we believe that all films must hold the viewer’s interest, we want everything we make to contribute to a greater understanding of what it is to be human.
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8:45 PM (35-Minutes, Psychological Thriller)

Director: Hayden Blades, Phoenix

Production: Synthetic Human Pictures

5 5 The Things My Father Never Taught Me

8:00 PM (7-Minutes, Comedy)


Burleigh Smith

, Australia

Melvin gives dating advice to his three- year-old son. He teaches him to dress well, act with confidence and spend time with the right crowd. The results are disastrous. And then Melvin meets Mary, an attractive single mother, and his womanising skills are put to the test.
BURLEIGH SMITH is a Western Australia screenwriter, director and actor. His films centre on relationships between men and women and often emphasise dry wit and desperate characters. His strongest influence is Woody Allen. Smith's short films have been accepted into over one hundred and fifty festivals around the world. He is a two-time Finalist at Tropfest, the world's largest short film festival, and won Best Director of Western Australia in 2011. He has a Masters in Film and has also studied under leading Australian film critic, David Stratton. In 2011, Stratton wrote that Smith's enthusiasm for film matched his own. Smith lectures in filmmaking at SAE Institute, Perth.
KEY CREDITS Writer / Director: Burleigh Smith Producers: Burleigh Smith (uncredited) Jennah Bannear, Peter McIntosh Director of Photography: Jason Thomas Film Editor: Ross Farnsworth Co-Producer: Laetitia Belen Melvin: Burleigh Smith Mike: Aiden Papamihail Mary: Bridie Carter
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