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7:05 PM (11-Minutes)

Crown Chimp Productions is a video production boutique company comprised of filmmakers, technicians and artists. While we are proud to be part of a long tradition of video production in Arizona (our core collective is based in Tucson and Phoenix), we continue to provide creative video solutions across the United States. Crown Chimp specializes in artistic storytelling approaches to web video production, sports commercial, broadcast and branded content work.
Director: Nickolas Duarte (Tucson)
What You Need revolves around a little boy who is half monkey, half human, looking at his day to day life, culminating in his meeting of a homeless man dressed as a king. Looking at the film, it is clear that Duarte continues to improve his craft, raising the bar above his previous narrative efforts. He and his usual collaborators from Crown Chimp, Matthew King and Adam Ray, seem to have a great working relationship that shows on screen, as nothing is muddled or feels like it was not thought about beforehand in some fashion.
Nickolas Duarte
Evening Program Independent Short Films
Saturday March 2nd 2013 at 6:30pm
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6:45 PM (15-Minutes)

Story Time Fables
Crown Chimp Productions
Brendan Guy Murphy Travels Rendered

6:35 PM (10-Minutes)

Music & Digital Production: Dean De Benedictis (LA)
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6 6 The City

8:00 PM



Director: Adam Ray (Tucson)
An ant approaches a discarded battery in ‘The City’. The director asks: “What are the parallels between a colony of ants, human society; and what we make of life?”
Adam Ray is an executive producer at Taxman Entertainment Pictures where he coordinates and manages on site corporate film and video productions. Adam independently produces, directs and edits short films to compete in national film festivals. Formerly on the team at Crown Chimp Productions in Tucson where he acted in all aspects of film production including assistant direction and Production Screenwriting.
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8:10 PM - Science Fiction

Filmed  in  Ruby & Arivaca , Arizona ! BACK TO HOME BACK TO HOME BACK TO INFO PAGE BACK TO INFO PAGE Dean De Benedictis
David Pike has been involved in the filmmaking world for almost 10 years now. He started by making music videos that have screened at film festivals in Australia, Germany, and cities from Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York. He then wrote and directed his first short called Red Door, which played at the Cannes Short Film Corner, London, and the Arizona International Film Festival (Arizona Daily Wildcat called it Best of the Fest). Critics called Red Door a stunning debut with an impressive directorial style, and one of the top filmmakers to watch. In 2007 he created a film series called Strange Behavior in which he screened cult films at The Loft, and other venues around Tucson. From that experience he decided to start a cult/genre film festival called the Arizona Underground Film Festival, which showcases filmmakers with definitive independent visions from around the world. Entering its 6th year, it has been called by critics as one of the biggest and best genre/cult film festivals in the country. He noticed that Tucson has never had a definitive outlet for just horror films on the festival circuit, and decided to create the Tucson Terrorfest. A horror film festival that now is entering its 3rd year, and will screen the best horror films from independent filmmakers. David Pike’s day job consists of working at Tucson’s only Indie film distribution company, BrinkVision. Where he acquires films for distribution, works PR for films, and is also the account manager. NOTE: DAVID PIKE PHOTO AND BIO SOURCE FROM THE INDEPENDENT FILM ASSOC. OF SOUTHERN ARIZONA
9  9 MZUNGU  (Stranger)

8:30 PM (35-Minutes)

Filmmaker: Bart Santello (Arivaca) Executive Producer: Steven Ablondi (South Africa) Production: Psychotropic Films
MZUNGU: Loosely defined as 'stranger' in Swahili, mirrored the filmmaker's sentiment in 2006 as he and a small exploratory team navigated through South Africa, then Rwanda and Uganda in east Africa; in search of wildlife while on this adventure. Utilizing his unique and original approach to digital filmmaking, director Bart Santello envisioned the structure of MZUNGU to mirror stages of sleep and the corresponding imagery that inhabits the dreaming subconscious mind. Working within this framework, Bart crafted into the film, artistic visual elements identified from both raw footage and audio recordings from the field. Deeply integrated into the film is an extraordinary soundscape provided by respected ambient/electronic musicians: Richard Bone, Jeff Greinke and a posthumous A PRODUCE.



Director: David Pike (Tucson)
Film Synopsis: A street girl wakes up one day thinking she has acquired superpowers to get rid of her troubled life.
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8:15 PM (10-Minutes)

If it Kills You
Stardust and the Bandit follows the misadventures of a former mob bookkeeper placed in the witness protection at a quirky roadside attraction, Old Tucson Studios. He inadvertently joins the wacky cast of stunt performers, can-can girls and employees of this famous film studio turned western theme park. The show is a clever madcap comedy; slapstick mixed with romance.
Stardust and the Bandit is a contemporary romantic situation comedy developed as a pilot episode envisioned for original entertainment programming in broadcast, cable or new media networks.
4 4 Stardust and the Bandit

7:20 PM (30-Minutes)

Directors: Sarah Sher & Dick Fisher (Tucson) 5 5 Found: Nothing Missing Open In / Organic Transmissions
1) Found: Nothing Missing uses missing pet posters to explore the larger meaning of loss. Still images are cut together to form a loose narrative and signs are deconstructed, using humor, in order to re-construct meaning for the viewer (3-min).

7:55 PM

3 Experimental

Short Films

(5-Min Total)

2) In/Organic Transmissions functions as a conversation that is not taking place. In this film, elements of natural disintegration attempt to engage with the artifical and nan-made in a child-like dance, This piece mocks the advances of technology, which claim to improve connections, but often hinder our ability to interact with one another (1-Min).
3) Open is a transformative video which investigates time, space and history. This short piece was developed from a single still frame (1-min).
Director: Patricia McInroy (Colorado)
Patricia McInroy graduated with an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2007. Her video work has screened at film festivals in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, New York and California. She taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of New Mexico and currently teaches at the Art Institute of Colorado.
Concept: Traveling to sites around the United States with only a laptop computer in hand, electronic music producer Dean De Benedictis uses ambient music techniques to create unobtrusive moods and full-blown music productions in the most unlikely of locations.
Travels Rendered gives a refreshing, insightful and adventuresome take on the mobile music revolution, coming from the perspective of a traveling electronic musician.
Dean De Benedictis is an experienced American recording artist and musician who specializes in forms of experimental and alternative music that foster a cinematic quality. He is most noted for his alternative electronic music under alias Surface 10. For more info on Dean, click on his photo above.
Adam Ray Filmmaker