Arivaca Film Night (Local Films/Filmmakers)
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Friday Night March 7th (6:30 - 9:00pm)
Friday Night March 6 th (6:30 - 8:30pm)
What is ARIVACA FILM NIGHT ? It’s an opportunity for those of us who are experimenting with our digital cameras and software to create filmic stories that are personal to us and our local. Thus this Friday night program provides a public forum to present and share information, ideas, artistic concepts and works in progress. The Friday night program kind of creates itself as submissions come in. Here’s what is developing for the evening so far........
Those who drive the Arivaca Road know anything can happen along its 25-mile stretch of isolation in route between the highway and Arivaca. When a violent Monsoon storm rolled north from Mexico in August of 2014, Arivaca digital filmmaker Bart Santello happened to be driving south and met the storm head-on. With audio and video equipment on-hand, a stunning capture of that experience was achieved.
2 A Documentary by Larry Springford FT BOWIE
Apaches, Trade Routes, Military outposts and water, set the stage for history brought to life in this short film on Fort Bowie, Arizona, by traveling documentarian Larry Springford.
A ‘Mirco-Film’ by Bart Santello ARIVACA 2 - MINUTES 12 - MINUTES GREEN VALLEY Storm Road
GRAND WEST (an experimental film) Directed & Produced by Keith Wagner
A time-elapse film offering a glimpse into a single day on the frontier of the American Southwest. Shot over the course of 2 years, this film features never before seen images of how time has shaped our modern landscape.
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National Geographic came to Arivaca in the summer of 2014 to instruct teens on photographic techniques and teach them to tell stories through the camera’s eye. The results were amazingly beautiful and the images captured not just natural beauty, but a sense of history, family and community. Individual contributors will be announced..
National Geographic Teen Photo Camp  - Arivaca - Summer 2014 Slideshow Presentations by Arivaca’s Young Adults 6
A Fox Ate My Go-Pro a true story by Jonathan Van Ballenberghe
Jonathan Van Ballenberghe (Tucson) is a writer/director of documentaries and an independent filmmaker. Two of Jonathan’s documentaries; ‘Guru’ and “The Ostrich Testimonies” were shown at last year’s 2014 Arivaca Film Exhibition Recently Jonathan has been in Alaska filming The River of Bears which is now streaming or available for purchase on DVD
Off the Grid - Away from the Gridlock
a documentary by Paul McCreary (Green Valley)
There are many people in Arivaca living unique lives and one of them is Kyle Young. Documentarian Paul McCreary created this short film which covers mostly Kyle's efforts of raising alpacas, farming, natural building and alternative power, in an effort to create a sustainable existence for himself.
Eva was inspired to begin work on a feature length documentary about how border militarization and community resistance to that action has effected life in Arivaca. This work uses footage shot for a future feature-length documentary that will look more in depth look at this checkpoint resistance event. Eva Lewis is an Arivaca resident and self-taught independent media maker.  Through living in Arivaca and becoming involved in humanitarian aid to those crossing the border as well as the local community organization People Helping People in the Border Zone. For more information and how you you can get involved contact Eva at
Tucson filmmaker Nickolas Durate makes humanistic non- commercial commercials such as this work: ‘Brothers’ for Western Union. Brothers presents a slice of life that follows two young brothers and their flat soccer ball. Starring: Tomas Tovar, Anthony Lobato Jr Patricia Johnson, & Lou Pimber
Western Union - "Brothers"
Director: Nicholas Duarte (Tucson)
Award Winning
Production Company: Riotmaker, Crown Chimp Productions Original Music: Daniel Vildosola Camera: Red Epic
a work-in-progress film presentation
Film: Spaces Between Time Director: Bart Santello (Arivaca)
Bart Santello is a digital filmmaker, natural builder & solar power enthusiast in Arivaca, Arizona
Writer/Producer Gina Aroneo is a educator at Barry Goldwater High Schools in Phoenix.
Producing Consultant Scott Hellon (Point of view Pictures) from Tucson
“Spaces Between Time” is a work that will examine the mystery behind the conceptual filmic elements that shaped Bart Santello’s 2006 film “Outskirts of Infinity’. For our work-in-progress presentation, we will show three 2:30-minute scenes (film elements) that demonstrate the process Bart is employing to reconstruct memories and perceptions of reality, that occurred during the filming of ‘Outskirts’ in the ghost town of Ruby, Arizona.
Arivaca residents Peggy Kane and ‘Sundog’ will be featured in the scenes presented!
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