Arivaca digital filmmaker presents a nature film showing the flight of “Freetail” bats exiting an abandoned mine- shaft, flying into the surrounding landscape at sunset.
"Living With Border Patrol Checkpoints" is a documentary short made for and in collaboration with the local anti-border-militarization campaign. In July of 2013 Arivaca residents got together for a community forum titled "Existing and Resisting in the Border Zone". Out of that forum a campaign was started to push for the removal of the checkpoint on Arivaca Rd. In this documentary short residents speak out about some of the motivations for the campaign and the ways in which the permanent presence of this "temporary" checkpoint has affected life in the town.
Eva Lewis is an independent media maker, activist and current resident of Arivaca. She originally came to Arivaca to volunteer with No More Deaths and People Helping People in the Border Zone. She has previously worked creating community based media in New York, El Salvador, Colombia and Palestine.
Director: Bart Santello (Arivaca) (10-Min)
by Larry Springford (Green Valley) (10-Min) The filmmaker travels to France to locate a World War II memorial to the French Resistance. The journey was inspired by a book authored by Farley Mowat in 1953 - “Aftermath - Travels in the Post War World.”
GUNS, LOBBYISTS & WET PAIN Created & Directed by Paul McCreary - Green Valley Director’s Statement: For the film “Guns, Lobbyists and Wet Pain”, my intent was to capture honest, unscripted opinions concerning a wide spectrum of subjects, and focus on the three subjects for this film. I endeavored to seek opinions from a variety of people and to insert a twist of irony when possible. My background is that I was a farm boy in Illinois, got a degree in art education and worked as a special education coordinator and consultant in Michigan. I retired in the mid-90s and escaped to Indiana, Colorado and now mostly in Arizona. My interests are varied; art, writing, photography, golf, poker, teaching adults in Green Valley, and working on films. I have a lot of raw material from interviews about drugs, immigration, taxes, health care and the subjects of the film I am presenting. I have always been interested in what makes people tick, and why they believe the things they do.
Arivaca Film Night (Local Films/Filmmakers)
ARIVACA FILM NIGHT Provides the community an expanded participation opportunity as part of the Arivaca Filmmakers Exhibition; by having its own Friday night program with filmmakers and multi- media artists from Arivaca, Green Valley and other surrounding communities. SHORT Q&A WELCOME AFTER EACH FILM IF THE DIRECTOR IS IN ATTENDANCE
Films begin at 6:30pm  The theme for several films in this year’s program is    THE GHOST TOWN  OF RUBY, ARIZONA
Amado/Sahuarita Adult Learing Project by Larry Springford (Green Valley) (6-Min) This informational film demonstrates the value in adult educational programs in helping newly arrived and petitioning immigrants with English and practical knowlegde to help with the assimulation into the American culture and workforce.
Anubis Productions Presents Remembering Ruby Produced by Gerald Harwell (15-min) The footage presented in Remembering Ruby is the only known surving films of the Ruby Mines south of Arivaca, Arizona. Known as the Crabtree family 8mm footage, this film provides a glimpse of life at the mines in Ruby for upwards of 2,000 workers and their families, just before the mine closed in 1940.
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Based on the true events of August 26, 1921 - the murders of Frank and Myrtie Pearson that sparked the largest manhunt in Arizona history. The filmmaker brings to the screen this incredible true story as told to him by his grandmother, Margaret who survived that day.
Written & Directed by David “IX” Mendoza (15-Min)
Friday Night March 7th (6:30 - 9:00pm)
Friday Night March 7th (6:30 - 9:00pm)
The creative team behind the video is Scott Griessel and Creatista/Red Star Studios - Tucson, Arizona. Scott Griessel/Owner has over 25 years experience writing, producing, directing and photographing just about every sort of media project you can imagine.
The City of South Tucson is a magical place and this short film explores people, places and things that are the character of this historic city. Music by Terraformation. Production was made possible by the generous support by NeighborWorks America.
Live South Tucson,  Love South Tucson Exodus
In this video, filmmaker Andrew Daughtery takes you down the main shaft of the Ruby Mines - A shaft previously sealed and not seen in over 70-years!
Exodus (Main Shaft of the  Ruby Mines) a film of exploration by Andrew Daughtery
Arivaca and Ruby History (7-min)
Arivaca and Ruby History (7-min)