Artist Profile Robin Warren a Karl Hoffman film 7:30pm (6-min) “...I find working with clay, water, and flame to be a spiritual experience in its self, each creation carries in it emotion, thought, and feeling, reflecting the moment of creation...” Robin Warren IMAGE/TEXT PROVIDED BY ARTGALLERYH
Building Community Through Art 6:40pm (30-Minutes) A documentary about an Arivaca community art project in 1987, directed by Tamara Scott Anderson of a Carol Kestler art concept, envisioned to assist Arivacans in building a more cohesive community made up of diverse people. The art project thus facilitated people working together to achieve a common goal. With the creation of over 100 face masks of residents, the story becomes the bonds and collaborative process that help achieve the project’s success. What makes this film fun, is its look back to Arivaca in the 1980’s and trigger those memories. And seeing all the familiar faces. It is a film about the community spirit that is still with the town today.
Arivaca Film Night
Friday Night March 1st (6:30 - 8:30pm)
ARIVACA FILM NIGHT Provides the community an expanded participation opportunity as part of the Arivaca Filmmakers Exhibition, by having its own Friday night program with filmmakers and multi- media artists from Arivaca, Green Valley and other surrounding communities. SHORT Q&A WELCOME AFTER EACH FILM IF THE DIRECTOR IS IN ATTENDANCE
Films begin at 6:30pm  The general theme for this year’s program is    BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART
Tucson 51 Homes Project Creatista & Kevin Anderson (Green Valley) 7:15pm (7-Minutes) 51 Homes, is a Project guided by Tucson CODAC behavioral services. Is it a joint project with several local organizations to interview and locate the most medically at risk homeless people in the Tucson area. Then the further goal is to secure housing for 51 of the most a risk people. Video, stills and edit by Kevin Anderson, Additional still photos and directed by Scott Griessel of Codac volunteers supplied misc. photos and clips.
The Changing Hearts + Minds Mural Project Creatista & Kevin Anderson 7:40pm (8-Minutes) This project was created for Codac mental health services in partnership with several agencies in Tucson. It's purpose was to create a community mural that showcased both the Hedrick Neighborhood and Codac services and the positive interaction of the people and services it's provides. David Tineo was asked to supervise the artistic side of the project and guide and direct the project. David is an international known muralist and the project was proud to have his involvement. Kevin Anderson provided principal motion and still photography, audio, editing and color grading. Supplemental images provided by Scott Griessel of Creatista, it was also directed by Scott and he provided editing overview and motion graphics. On site assistance and supplemental stills by Edwinn Serrano,also from Creatista.
Artist Profile Christina Baklanoff a Karl Hoffman film 7:50pm (7-min) “...The masks I create reflect the sonora desert where I live. I collect “found objects” on my walks and incorporate them into my designs. The designs are contemporary interpretations of traditional Southwest icons with colors reflecting my many trips to Mexico and the Latin American culture.....” Christina Baklanoff IMAGE/TEXT PROVIDED BY ARTGALLERYH
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Guess who came to lunch? Filmed at the home of the director (also known as “she who feeds things”) in Arivaca. With a special guest!
Van Gogh's years in Provence, France captured the filmmaker's imagination during a trip to Europe in 2012. The result is this interest- ing film travelogue of Van Gogh's history in that time and place.
8:15 pm 7-min
Lunch @ Crooked Sky a nature film by Mary Scott (Arivaca)
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7-Min (Green Valley)
In the Steps of Van Gogh a film by Larry Springford