Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
INDEPENDENT FILM PROGRAM Saturday Night March 3rd 6:30 - 9:00pm
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Note: This year we focus on Tucson’s independent film scene

with three powerful shorts and a feature-length music related

doc-u-film “FUZZ” by Clif Taylor

Natan Lee presents
Tucson filmmaker Nathan Lee presents ‘SMARTCAR” a well- produced comedy about a ‘what-if’ scenerio that could await us all in the new era of automated pilotless vehicles. Starring Andrew Wolverton Emily Wolverton Charles Lynch & Directed By Nathan Lee (Tucson)
A Tucson native, Nathan Lee has dabbled in some form of movie making his entire life. He began film school at the University of Arizona in 2003 but got a refund after quickly learning the coursework consisted of minimal hands-on production time Nathan is a mechanical engineer at a small building- design firm by day and an exhausted filmmaker by night.  He prefers brief walks on the beach if there's a brewery nearby.
The Arivaca Film Exhibition is proud to present the first release screening of a new Adam Ray film..
Adam graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in education. While in college his hobby for film production grew, learning from his roommates about graphic design, video editing, and script writing. In 2008, Adam returned to Tucson, further learning about digital SLR camera technology and guerrilla-style film techniques. Taking the writing skills and passion from his mother, Adam began writing fictional stories that followed the lines of Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card. Recent short films included: Coyote, Bored, Matchbox and 'The Dome' which won Best of Arizona at the 2017 Arizona International Film Festival.
Tucson Filmmaker - Adam Ray
Mr Snyder is a short-film psychological drama written and directed by Adam Ray and starring Scott Martin Thomas as Mr. Snyder - a conflicted man who attempts to make amends with his family, but with dire consequences.
Where would Jimi Hendrix have been without fuzz ?
The fuzz box: That tiny little box between the electric guitar and the amp that revolutionized rock music...what on earth does it do? Clif Taylor explores this insane industry of noise making, a world populated by guitar slinging super heroes and garage dwelling electronic geeks all sharing the collective obsession of one day creating that perfect sonic wave of limitless possibilities. It's a unique subculture of psychedelic music freaks and vintage distortion connoisseurs. Guitar Gods Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton, Jon Spencer, J Mascis, Chris Ross of Wolf-Mother and other music legends weigh in on their favorite circuits. Would the sixties psychedelic movement even exist sans fuzz box? This film answers all those questions and more.
A must see for anyone interested in the nuts, bolts, & transistors of rock’s true history.
Clif Taylor (DIRECTOR) attended the University of Arizona, where he studied Architecture and Media arts. Nearing the completion of a degree in Architecture he left to play guitar with the L.A. band Crash, Bang, Crunch,Pop fronted by Black Flag singer Ron Reyes. After recording a record (that has never surfaced) the band called it quits and Taylor went to work as a film editor. Sharing the same environment with Mermaids composer and legend Jack Nitzche rekindled his interest in music. Taylor returned to his native Tucson, where he immersed in the local music scene. His current musical project Blackwood And Co. provides the score for Fuzz.
A short work by Paul McCreary
Paul McCreary retired in the mid-90s and escaped to Indiana, Colorado and now mostly in Arizona. His interests are varied and include art, writing, photography, golf, poker, teaching adults in Green Valley, and working on films. As in all Paul's films, he has always been interested in what makes people tick, and why they believe the things they do.
NOTHIN’ LEFT TO LOSE is a lucid doc-u-film by Green Valley media artist & filmmaker Paul McCreary where he ventures into the California desert near the Salton Sea to document eclectic people places and things that inhabit this unusual pop-up community.