Afternoon Documentary Program Saturday March 7, 2015
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12:00 PM - Images From the Border
National Geographic Youth Photo Camp - ARIVACA (2014)
“Usually in Arivaca we have a bad name. If we’re on the news, it’s in a negative way. Even though our town, in my opinion, is amazing.” - Sienna Wallen, National Geographic Photo Camp Arizona student
During the summer of 2014 the Arivaca Action Center assisted National Geographic and the Undocumented Migration Project in teaching teens how to tell their own stories about living along the border through photography. The camp and the resulting media presentations are intended to give area teens, a chance to change the narrative about border communities often seen in the media.
Main organizer, of the photo camp, Jason De Leon, is an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan and the Director of the Undocumented Migration Project. Over the past six years, De Leon has been studying objects in the Arivaca area that migrants leave as they journey through the desert.
Jason DeLeon
Underwater Dreams, written and directed by Mary Mazzio, and narrated by Michael Peña, is an epic story of how the sons of undocumented Mexican immigrants learned how to build an underwater robot from Home Depot parts. And defeat engineering powerhouse MIT in the process.
“Those scraggly Latino kids on the corner you might think are thugs could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg if given half a chance. To understand why that’s more than a platitude, check out Underwater Dreams, a seemingly modest human interest film that may be the most politically significant documentary since Waiting for Superman... It should also be seen in every high school in the country, where it will inspire thousands of kids, and in Congress, where it might just jolt a few politicians out of their stupor and help them see young people for who they are, and who they can be. - Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast.
Mary Mazzio, an award-winning documentary film writer/director; Olympic athlete; and former law firm partner, is Founder and CEO of 50 Eggs, Inc., an independent film production company. Mary wrote, directed and produced the highly acclaimed award-winning films, TEN9EIGHT, Lemonade Stories, Apple Pie, and A Hero for Daisy.
A True Story From Phoenix, AZ
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Ra Paulette digs cathedral-like, 'eighth wonder of the world' art caves into the sandstone cliffs of Northern New Mexico. Each creation takes him years to complete, and each is a masterwork. But patrons who have commissioned caves have cut off nearly all of his projects due to artistic differences. Fed up, Ra has chosen to forego commissions altogether and create a massive, 10-year project, his Magnum Opus.
“In Hollywood, the highest compliment you can give a storyteller or filmmaker is that the piece was so well done the audience was enraptured with the STORY, not the process. Karoff pulled that off in spades. "Cavedigger" is the kind of film that makes you want to share it immediately, and proof that actual human beings living life may provide the most engaging narrative of all. -Elfeld
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Director/Producer Jeffrey Karoff Director of Photography Anghel Decca Editor Erin Nordstrom Composer Pete Min Sound Mixer Mitch Dorf
Jeffrey Karoff - Filmmaker
“As a child of “The Movement” I grew up with a profound sense of idealism, but also of loss. I wanted to make a film that could answer my own questions about my father’s identity and also portray the profound questions that many of us ask ourselves every day: What is the right path to take between idealism and practicality? Where is the line between dreams and delusions? In my father’s story lives the power of individuals to make profound change, but also the heartbreak of broken dreams and the bittersweet tension of expectations between parents and their children.” - Jacob Bricca
Jacob Bricca (Director/ Producer/ DP/Editor) is a graduate of the American Film Institute, Bricca holds a post as Assistant Professor in the School of Theatre, Film & Television at the University of Arizona, where he teaches editing and documentary filmmaking.
Kit Bricca was a leader of the Bay Area protest movements of the 1960s and 70s with a fierce passion for social justice, but found the transition from activist to breadwinner a challenging one. In this moving, psychologically complex documentary, filmmaker Jacob Bricca follows the extraordinary journey of his father Kit, a man whose uncompromising idealism changed the world but tore his family apart.
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