Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
SHORT FILM PROGRAM Friday March 3rd 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Showcase of short works from local-area filmmakers 6:30 PM Click for PDF Show Schedule
Welcome Back Fans of the Arivaca Film Exhibition!
This year in part featuring the films of Josh Kasselman (Phoenix) and Adam Ray (Tucson)
FOOTNOTE a Promotional Teaser for Adam Ray’s Pirate Tale Book ‘The Worthy’
Taxman Film Website Taxman Film Website
Adam Ray is a independent filmmaker and photographer from Tucson. Recent short films included: Coyote, Bored, Matchbox and The Dome which won Best of Arizona at the 2017 Arizona International Film Festival
“A Flower’s Life”a poetic film by Adam Ray
This film was the creative product from a collaborative artist’s retreat held in Arivaca in the fall of 2021. Inspired by a Super 8 movie film camera, this film’s objective was to bring back the nostalgic spirit of 1970’s experimental black-and-white cinema. Featuring Regina Aroneo’s and poem ‘A Flower’s Life’ narrated by Amy Crater.
NETHER LAND An experimental project by Bart Santello filmed during the COVID- 19 lock-downs and inspired by imaging technology of the Pentax K-S1 digital camera. The project's goal was to photograph images of an urban landscape in transition from a post-industrial era into an unknown future. Filmed in bold monochrome with psycho-active sound design, Nether Land provides the viewer the filmmakers perception of a dystopian urban environment.
Bart Santello is a self- motivated independent digital filmmakers who works with imagery and sound captured from all media formats using both digital and analogue equipment to create unique and original films. Each film is an artistic work that reflects the filmmaker’s perception of reality and presents the film in a manner similar to a dream-like state.
STEPHANIE LUCAS earned her BA in English Literature from University of Arizona before going on to receive her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from New York University in Documentary Film, Art, and Social Change. In addition to narrative shorts, she has created numerous experimental shorts, as well as producing documentary shorts for the Gates Foundation, Amnesty International, and Witness, a New York-based human rights organization founded by Peter Gabriel. JOSH KASSELMAN alternates between narrative, documentary and commercial work, directing, and shooting multiple narrative projects in development. In addition to his work with Limitrophe, Josh is a Gold ADDY Award-winning commercial director at Randy Murray Productions and Narwhal Stories.
Stranded at school on Halloween, two young boys set out on a daunting walk home. When they take a cue from their surroundings and become would-be trick-or-treaters, their journey gets derailed and they find themselves lost and alone in the city.
LIMITROPHE FILM, dased in Phoenix, is the brainchild of NYU-grad filmmakers Josh Kasselman and Stephanie Lucas, along with motion-graphics specialist Dennis Valk. In addition to its award-winning narrative and documentary films, Limitrophe brings vision and authenticity to select commercial content.
Taxman Film Website Taxman Film Website
a Short film by Adam Ray
The Rabid Skunk of Arivaca
Adam Ray is a independent filmmaker and photographer from Tucson. Recent short films included: Coyote, Bored, Matchbox and The Dome which won Best of Arizona at the 2017 Arizona International Film Festival
When Megan receives a surprise social invitation from a higher-up at her company, she's worried her nerves — and her apathetic husband — will sink her. 
SCHWEREHOSEN It’s just a game
a comedy short by Josh Kasselman & Stephanie Lucas

In the heyday of the silent era of film, Metro Pictures Corporation came to Arivaca,

Arizona and made a feature-length movie. It was released in May of 1918, then

disappeared. One hundred years later, the last surviving degrading nitrate copy was

discovered in a film archive in Amsterdam.

To be shown here at the Arivaca Film Exhibition, will be a 9-minute scene digitally

restored from the original Nitrate film, to exhibit a ‘work-in-progress’ of what will

eventually be a complete feature-length studio film from that era.



Blog for the restoration:
While editing atomic footage for the Civil Defense, G-man Jakob Werner discovers a strange anomaly. Realizing his career- and potentially his sanity- is on the line, he heads back to the testing site. Once there, he makes a shocking discovery. Someone... or something... has been born in the mushroom cloud of atomic bombs
60: 226-252 An experimental mini-documentary filmed on the U.S. 60, from mile markers 226-252 (Superior to Globe, Arizona). Director/DP: Josh Kasselman Score: Seth Kasselman