Saturday March 7, 2015 Begins 6:30pm
Director: Josh Tanner & Producer: Jade van der Lei (Australia)
Evening Program Independent Short Films
A man returns to the midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960
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At The Checkpoint Have Your Papers Ready... Food shortages during a year-long pandemic force recently widowed George to stray far from home to survive. A simple purchase of rations derails when George stumbles upon a Shopkeeper's secret, placing all of them in mortal jeopardy.
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A newly married couple, Kris and Jake, wake up to find a door has appeared in their living room. As the temptation to open the door lingers the couple discusses how to handle this bizarre phenomenon as they discover more about the person they each married.
‘Strange Thing’ is a Science Fiction Thriller made in the tradition of 1980’s Science Fiction films.
"It’s mysterious and leaves you wanting more" - Madeline Johnston (
Ricardo Bracamonte's documentary 'Bombing Arizona' (2012) follows a handful of graffiti artists who break-away at the stereotype of underground artists. The film's inspiration was a combination of adolescent artist friends and a 2010 summer stay in New York City, the mecca of street art.
Ricardo works full-time as a broadcast Master Control Operator. He independently produces his own films & holds the position of resident videographer for Tucson's online style magazine
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GRAND WEST (an experimental film) Directed & Produced by Keith Wagner
A time-elapse film offering a glimpse into a single day on the frontier of the American Southwest. Shot over the course of 2 years, this film features never before seen images of how time has shaped our modern landscape.
ENCORE SCREENING! B L O O D   W I D O W 7 7 Brendan Guy Murphy Actor/Director
Work-In-Progress Film #2
As part of this 'Work-in-Progress' film presentation for Blood Widow, Director Brendan Guy Murphy will discuss the ongoing process of putting the film together, going from script to screen, securing locations, assembling a local team and the importance of having a diverse cast. "Blood Widow is a detective thriller/horror film with a supernatural twist. A serial killer is terrorizing the city, and Detectives 'Valentine' and 'Stokes' are in hot pursuit. What they don’t know is that someone with a mysterious agenda is also pursuing the killer, and could unleash an evil unlike any the detectives have ever seen."
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The Taxman
a film by Adam Ray (Tucson)
"The Taxman" is a short feature that follows the life of a young homeless man who happens to strike fortune. Instead of repeating his usual behavior, he devises an unorthodox plan that puts him in a position of power.
Written and directed by Adam Ray Releases summer 2015 Taxman Entertainment Picturesres
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PROTOTYPE a Bart Santello - Historical Film Release
How does a canister of old 16mm film found in an abandoned filing cabinet marked for disposal, tie engine development in WWII Germany with military hardware so advanced, it’s still being researched and productionized today? Digital filmmaker Bart Santello will discuss how this discovered film is leading him to explore this topic in film. Along with events from the space race and the cold war, PROTOTYPE is a long-forgotten marker of technological development that has shaped his life and that of several generations.
Run Time 12-Min / a Psychtropic Films (TM) Archival Film Release
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