Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
AREA FILMMAKERS NIGHT Friday March 2nd 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Click for PDF Show Schedule Showcase of short works from local-area filmmakers
WON’T BACK DOWN a music video by Jeff Snyder
Deb E. Dee performing Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" in the Governor's Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 16 October 2017. Video by Jeffrey Snyder with Jennifer Miller and Joshua Cruz. Photography by Jeffrey Snyder.
Deb E. Dee performing Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down"
6:30 PM
Inspired by Music and the events of the past year
My description is a work in progress as I develop my style. This video reflects my experience of 2017, starting with the peaceful optimism at the Woman's March and culminating with the violent clash at the August 2017 Trump rally in Phoenix.
Producer Anna Harrison Griessel Directed, Photographed and Edited by Scott Griessel This Is Who I am is Anna and Scott’s second film in this series. This film features Richard Holder, a little person with a lot to say.
Anna is an experienced producer, production manager and creative director of Creatista.
Scott has 30-years experience writing, producing, directing and photographing just about every sort of media project you can imagine. Scott's background is in advertising and marketing.
Gathering of Nations - 2017
DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT: When I attended the event I noticed the small percentage of non-native people in the arena, there simply was a lack of awareness or interest for an event that I consider culturally enriching. My objective is simple with this piece, its spread and display the beauty and depth of their culture through dance, music and costume - Thijs Boonen
A Celebration of Culture - Directed by Thijs Boonen (Tucson)
University of Arizona School of Theater of Film and Television
Student Short Film Program
HOW STRONG IS SHE By Doyon Stevens (10-min) From Arivaca’s neighbor - the Tohono O’odham Nation comes a film about a young women’s commitment to find herself through physical strength.
ENCASED By Alex Zhao (7:42-min) Several motivated and creative individuals recreate beautiful natural environments for fish, reptiles and frogs.
MARICOPA HEAT By Aaron Cargile & Reed Chandler (7:53-min) In August of 2017, the President came to Phoenix and chaos ensued. Meanwhile, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio digresses.
VIKINGOS By Hannah Akins and Alejandro Olmedo (5:15-min)
Filmmaker Alex Zhao
A visual meditation on loss and memory through the eyes of Tucson-based artist - Salvado Duran.
Salvado Duran in Vikingos
STING By Cassie Rosa & Michael Eppinette (9:37-min) When you willingly get stung by Arizona’s most painful biting insects, EVERYONE can hear you scream.
On December 5th, 2017, the Loft Cinema in Tucson hosted a series of student ‘project’ films originating from the UofA College of Fine Arts. The Arivaca Film Exhibition was there, curious to scout these talented directors. We weren’t disappointed. Below are the short documentary-styled films we selected for the Arivaca audience.
Jeff Snyder - Filmmaker