Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition
AREA FILMMAKERS NIGHT Friday March 1st 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Click for PDF Show Schedule Showcase of short works from local-area filmmakers 6:30 PM
- - - Teaser - - - The Trail to Yesterday - 1918 a restoration and presevation film project by Bart Santello

In the heart of the silent era of film, Metro Pictures Corporation came to Arivaca, Arizona and

made a feature-length movie. It was released in May of 1918, then disappeared. One

hundred years later, the last surviving degrading nitrate copy was discovered by Arivaca

filmmaker Bart Santello in a film archive in Amsterdam. Now being painstakingly restored,

this this project has several more years work to be preserved in its orignal form. Presented

here will be a 2-min. teaser of this forthcoming restored and reassembled 1918 feature film.

Bart Santello is a experimental filmmaker & photographer. “ What could be more exciting than to find a lost film, but then add to that discovery was that it was made in a town where you live. For the community, the state and film history, it’s both an honor ans an opportunity you just can’t let go of.” - Bart Santello
Dark Was The Night
a Short film by Adam Ray
The mystery of the Baboquivari  monster continues
Tucson filmmaker Adam Ray will showcase his short work ‘Dark Was the Night” a spooky- mystery filmed in Arivaca. While stranded in a remote desert a pair of indie filmmaker sleuths look to find evidence for the existence of the legendary Baboquivari monster. Will they become stalked by the elusive creature they came to record? Adam based the concept for the film on a series of articles he wrote for Arivaca’s Connection newspaper in 2018. Local organic farmer John Rueb at Forever Yong Farm in Moyza, plays ‘the rancher’ and local filmmaker Bart Santello recorded sound and took part in the production.
Filmed in Arivaca
Taxman Film Website Taxman Film Website
Directed by: Adam Ray Production & Sound: Bart Santello Production Assistant: Ezra Milla Starring: A.J. Bailey & Sara Jackson with John Rueb & Guy Atchley A Taxman Extertainment Film - 2018
Adam Ray is a independent filmmaker and photographer from Tucson. Recent short films included: Coyote, Bored, Matchbox and 'The Dome' which won Best of Arizona at the 2017 Arizona International Film Festival.
Psychotropic Films Website Psychotropic Films Website

For more information on “The Trail To Yesterday” see this link - - >

a short film by


Paul McCreary has a knack for drawing and illustration and thus had an idea to turn his collection into a short film, where cartoon graphics are snapshots that parody life. Paul has been a regular contributor to the Arivaca Film Exhibition. Previous screenings include “Slab City” about a eclectic town in the Desert of California and “Whirlybirds” featuring a retired Green Valley welder who makes wind-driven yard art. Paul and his wife Becky live in Green Valley.
Anna is an experienced producer, production manager and creative director, who also runs the business of Creatista.
Scott has 30-years experience writing, producing, directing and photographing just about every sort of media project you can imagine. Scott's background is in advertising and marketing.
Özlem Ayse Özgür is a multimedia artist and filmmaker. She is the creative director of Cool Genie Pictures film production company. She has worked on numerous documentary films and shorts, including "Home is in the Heart," her MFA thesis film on homeless people in San Francisco, and "Taste Bud Memories," her latest film on refugees, foodways, and Tucson community members. She is currently in production with an international team on the feature documentary "Asikli Höyük."
Taste Bud Memories is a documentary film focusing on local food and refugees in Tucson, AZ. The film aims to promote understanding of refugees’ experiences by connecting food resources, local geography and the public at large in a broader discourse about food and food security through people’s individual stories about food. We all eat food, food is not only the physical manifestation of our relationship with the natural world, it is also the common denominator across cultures. Through both food and food stories we will explore the experience of refugees who live in Tucson, and their similarities with the Tucson community they are now a part of. This film is supported and co-produced by the Southwest Folklife Alliance Inc. & Iskashitaa Refugee Network. Made possible by a grant from Arizona Humanities.
CREDITS: “TASTE BUD MEMORIES” A Film by Özlem Ayse Özgür Edited by: Leslie Ann Epperson Cinematography by Özlem Ayse Özgür a nd Clarice Bales Co-Producers: Southwest Folklife Alliance and Iskashitaa Refugee Network Produced and Directed by Özlem Ayse Özgür Cool Genie Pictures Productions /
GARLIC HARVEST at Forever Yong Farm
a mico-short film by Bart Santello
I have been volunteering for the garlic harvest each Spring at Forever Yong Farms in Moyza on the Arivaca Road. Being good friends with the owners John and Yong Rueb and seeing the good spirit of the volunteers and fun surrounding the harvest, I decided to begin filming and assembling a short documentary on the Rueb’s and their organic farm. This short work is the beginning of that documentary project, codified into a micro-short (4-min). It’s a fun piece that provides the framework for a more comprehensive film in the future. - Bart Santello, Arivaca, Arizona
Bart Santello is a local filmmaker and organizer of the Arivaca Film Exhibition
Nogales High School International Baccalaureate Students Present
Filmed in Arivaca & S. Arizona
a historical account of Emiliano Zapata a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution
Luke Brennan’s history class at Nogales High School will be showing their latest historical documentary “Zapata” featuring Arivaca’s Rudy Morales as Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa and Edgar Tavera as Emiliano Zapata! Zapata is one of the most revered national heroes of the Mexican Revolution. Zapata was a practical revolutionary who sought the implementation of liberties and agrarian rights. Luke says this is the student’s most polished work yet.